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NomadiQ Portable Gas BBQ

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The NomadiQ Portable Gas BBQ is a compact and lightweight Gas BBQ which fold away into a small carry bag and at only 5.6kg this really is a portable gas BBQ.

The NomadiQ Gas comes complate with gas connectors and so simple and easy to use making it ideal for family trips or camping. The Whole BBQ folds away to create and easy carrying yetm then once in situe just unfold connect the gas and your ready for cooking.

Unlike many Portable BBQs availble in the UK this is a truely lightweight Gas BBQ whcih is designed for easy storage and movement.

If you love the outdoor life as much as we do than there is no better thing than to get some good hot food in place and spend some quality time with your friends and family. On a beach, in a park or on the water, you probably know the hassle from overloading your bike and backpacks and getting there without bumps and bruises with your so-called ‘portable bbq’.

We wanted to have a small portable bbq that is easy to use, safe and nice to look at. Also one that immediately works once arrived and not getting your hands dirty and waiting half an hour to get the fire started. Looking at the current market for portable grills and bbq’s we found a lot of grills that claimed to be portable and easy to handle. Finally looking at the weight, size and grilling surface there wasn’t much that could meet our expectations of a real portable grill, and that’s where it started…

After a long journey of designing, shaping, engineering and testing, Team nomadiQ finally got the work done. They delivered the first real portable gas bbq that is small, lightweight, safe and very easy to use. The minute you arrive at the scene you instantly can go ahead and prepare some awesome food on it. Unfold it, plug it in, ignite and go!

NormadiQ Features:

Lightweight - using mostly Aluminium die casted Parts with a total weight of only 5.6kg 

Quick and easy - Unlock it, connect it and cook its really that easy.

Gas Connection - The NomadiQ can be connected to either a small gas cartridge with a nozzle Valve and screw type or Bigger gas tanks using a 3/4 inch screw connection. a 220g small cartridge will last for around 90 mins. 

Temperture control - Each side can be controlled individullay isuning the knobs positioned i the side. 

Really is Portable - Unlike many so called Portable GAs BBQ this folds away 16 inches wide x 14 inch high and 6inches thick.

Grilling surface-  Each side has indiuvidualr grilling plates with a grilling surface of 110 Square inches.

Cleaning - Easy cleaning with grates which are non stick and can be put in the dishwasher and easy access drip trays.


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