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Jensen Grill Estate 2.0

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Jensen Grill has a vision: to create inspiration for culinary creativity. The overall goal is to take the inconvenience, time and planning out of barbecuing, and create an outdoor cooking experience so pleasant and effortless, that all your energy and inspiration can be channelled where they need to be: into creating barbecue culinary masterpieces!

The Jensen Grill Estate 2.0 barbecue combines charcoal/briquettes and gas in one flexible unit, so you can choose between charcoal/briquette-grilling or gas-grilling, or a combination of the two. The gas grill is ready when you are. But many still prefer charcoal partly because of the excellent taste char-grilling provides, and partly because of the traditions and pleasure of cooking on open coals.

state 2.0 (2016) is an updated version of Estate 2.0 and comes with new burner, ignition system, tamers and coal trays. This ensures higher heat, better radiation heat from the coals and easier refilling while cooking. Estate 2.0 (2016) guarantees the ultimate grill experience with the combination of gas and coal/briquettes in one flexible unit.

The gas burners are used to ignite the coals making them ready within 10-15 minutes. The charcoals can be supplemented by one or more burners at all times if more heat is needed. The clever height adjustment mechanism makes it easy to control the heat from the coals and flare up by altering the distance between the charcoals and the grate. Altogether, this means that JensenGrill is your perfect allied regardless of the season.

 The design is timeless, and inspired by the classic country kitchen style. Clean, smooth lines and surfaces make the barbecue a harmonious unit; all parts integrate naturally into the overall design.

Estate 2.0 (2016) is produced from extraordinary stainless steel alloy (304).


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  • Grill with gas, coal/briquettes or both in combination
  • Ignite the coals/briquettes with the gas in only 10-15 minutes
  • The distance between the grate and the coals/briquettes is easily adjusted on a handle
  • Big selection of accessories: side burner, rotisserie etc.
  • All Stainless Steel Alloy (grade 304)
  • Choice of brass or silver handles

Estate 2.0 (Model 2016)


Estate 1.0

Estate 3.0

Estate 3.0





Flat lid Yes Yes Yes
Rounded lid Yes Yes No
Grate area (diameter steel) 43 x 52 cm (7 mm) 43 x 52 cm (7 mm) 47 x 60 cm (7mm)
Frying plate area Accessory Accessory 43,5 x 24 cm
Upper grate area 8 x 53 cm Accessory 11 x 62 cm
Heated Cabinet Yes Yes
Serving tray Yes
Special Drip pan holders Yes
Coaltray tools Yes Yes
Double lid Yes Yes Yes
Individuel igniters for burners Yes Yes Yes
Cross lighters for burners Yes Yes Yes
Burner effect max. 3 x 4,5 kW 3 x 4,5 kW 3 x 5,1 kW
Height adjustable coal trays 2-15 cm 2-15 cm 2-15 cm
Velocity in coal tray op til 0,8 kg op til 0,8 kg op til 1 kg.
Grill dimensions / Estate 2.and 3. with gas cylinder compartment (DxBxH) 64×104 x114 64×67 x112 71x113x115 cm
Weight (without gas cylinder) 77 kg 54 kg 80 kg
Gas cylinder size (steel/composite) 5-11 kg 5-11 kg 5-11 kg
Gas types Gas cylinder/Naturegas Gas cylinder/Naturgas Gas cylinder/Naturgas
Materials Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Grill grate Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Upper grate Stainless steel (304) Accessory Stainless steel (304)
Frying plate Accessory Accessory Stainless steel (304)
Coal tray Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Height adjustment system Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Tamers Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Burners Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Lid Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Inner lid Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Firebox Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Outer casing Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Cabinet Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Wheels Stainless steel (304) Plastic Wheels (ball bearings) Stainless steel (304)
Screws/rivets Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304) Stainless steel (304)
Handles, knobs and logo Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Silver coloured handles, knobs and logo Yes


Warranty Terms:
All JensenGrills are covered by our warranty for a minimum period of 2 years from the date of purchase.  The warranty applies to the original purchaser from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing faults and defects only.  If a JensenGrill product fails as a result of a manufacturing fault or defect under normal use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, JensenGrill or local sub supplier will repair, refinish or replace the failed product. JensenGrill reserve the right to substitute the failed products with a similar product should the model no longer be available.  Any replacement will be for the failed product only, where compatible parts are available and not necessarily a complete grill. The original warranty period is not extended in the event of a repair, refinish or replacement.

Special warranty program:

If the original purchaser signs up to be an active member of the online “JensenGrill Club” the following special warranty program will take effect from the day of purchase.

10 years rust through/burn through warranty on:

  • Firebox/combustion chamber
  • External panels
  • Lid/hood
  • Grate
  • Wheels
  • Handles and knobs in anodized aluminum

3 years rust through/burn through warranty on:

  • Burners
  • Flame tamers
  • Spacers
  • Coaltrays, (not perforated plates)

All remaining parts have 2 years warranty from the date of purchase

Warranty Exclusions

The following are not included in the warranty program:

  • Commercial use
  • Damaged caused by a result of failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • If any technical alterations have been made to the grill
  • Accessories are used that are not expressly authorised for this grill
  • Any act of God for example from storm damage, wind/flood etc.
  • Corrosion or damage caused by exposure to the elements, grease/fat fires, salt, vinegar, insects etc.
  • Removal or reinstallation costs
  • Lack of maintenance, abuse, neglect, misuse, accident or improper assembly of product
  • Scratches, dents corrosion or discolouring caused by heat, abrasive or chemical cleaners.
  • Unauthorized repairs during the warranty period
  • The cost of freight, assembly, replacement of worn parts, and other such costs are not covered by the warranty.

Note: JensenGrills must be covered when not in use

  • Delivery Time Scale 7-12 working days 


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