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@thebbqstore Check out our new You Tube Channel

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Live BBQ Cooking Demo 29th June

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Its Back and bigger then ever ..............

This Saturday 29th June from 10.30am - 2.30pm we will be holding our popular Live BBQ demonstrations -

@BBQstore showroom B92 8JT Units 1-3 328 Hobs Moat Road Solihull

Special Guest Paul Yates from #Monolith who will be hosting Live Vegan BBQ Food Demonstrations

We will also be having the Traeger Grills, Napoleon Gas and Charcoal BBQs and the Primo XL300 ceramic grill plus the Monolith Ceramic Grills all cooking up loads of amazing food samples so you can see these beasts in all their working beauty

Free to Attend and it is great to show these amazing grills off at the same time, so if yo are just getting your BBQ journey started or if your well along your BBQ journey then this is the perfect event, with lots of great local BBQ fans getting together sharing a passion for all things BBQ.

We will have special offers running in store at this event and we will be showcasing BBQ accessories and styles

Our Ever Expanding #NapoleonBBQ area and now including the Modular Oasis BBQ Kitchen

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Our Ever Expanding #NapoleonBBQ area and now including the Modular Oasis BBQ Kitchen

#BBQshowroom #Napleongrillstockist #Smokers #Napoleoncharcoal #NapoleonBBQaccessories #BBQstore #Westmidlands

Angus and Oink Rubs and sauces

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Angus and Oink Rubs and sauces will be here for the weekend, with the great weather forecast why not make the most of it with a BBQ be it charcoal, gas or electric why not bring a nice flavourful

hit with our @angusandoink #bbqrubs #bbqsauces #solihull #BBQstore #westmidlands

Kamado Joe Classic III has arrived

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So we have the new #Kamadojoe #classicIII now on display at our West Midlands BBQ showroom, so lets spend a little time comparing the Classic 2 and Classic 3

Yes we are a Kamado Joe Dealer for Solihull area and we do know a thing or two about BBQs, this is where ur true passion is we love our #BBQs and we like to really get hands on with our products.

So before the Three got delivered I started the research with this great #Kamadojoe

#Kamadojoe3 #BBQstore #Kamadojoe2and3 #BBQstorewestmidlands

Live BBQ Cooking Demo Solihull

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We our our first Live BBQ cooking of 2019 and bigger then ever with Napoleon Grills UK, Monolith Kamado UK & Ireland , Kamado Joe UK, Traeger Grills plus #Special Guest Chef #BBQChampionAndy Annat Firing up at 10.30am fancy learning some new #BBQskills then pop along #free to attend #letsharetheloveofbbqfood#lovebbqfood#howtocookonabbq#basicbbqskills

Primo Ceramic Grills University: Understanding Two-Zone Cooking Method on Ceramic Grill

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Primo Ceramic Grills University: Understanding Two-Zone Cooking Method on Ceramic Grill

So you have masted the basics so why not push your #BBQtalents and master the two zone cooking method as shown here in the great Primo Ceramic Grills University which takes you through to zone cooking methods and how to achieve fantastic results #primogrillsuk #primogrilluniversity #Learntocook #CeramicBBQClasses #twozonecooking #ovalCeramic

Primo Ceramic Grill Cooking Basics - Primo Ceramic Grills University - Basic Ceramic Cooking

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Love your BBQ food and fancy getting in to the world of ceramic grilling then here is a great collection of Videos which are part of the #Primoceramicgrilluniversity #Learntocookonprimo #basicceramiccooking #Primogrilluk #Ceramiccooking

Fancy seeing it in action for yourself then pop along to our West Midlands BBQ Store Showroom on the 6th April where we will be holding our popular #BBQcookingdemo #bbqcooking #foodsmoking

Monolith Ceramic Grills - What you need for each style of cooking - Direct, Indirect and pizza ovens

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We often get asked about BBQ and different cooking styles so we have put together a few bits of helpful information about direct BBQ Cooking styles with your Direct Flame grilling which is over the flames directly which is a great way for your typical BBQ but if you fancy trying a few new methods we have demonstrated below featuring the Monolith Ceramic Grill showing what you need for each different BBQ Cooking method.

Featuring the Monolith Ceramic Classic BBQ

Direct grilling

Grill like a pro directly over hot coals on the included Stainless Steel Grid or the cast iron grill grate that is also available for your MONOLITH. High heat directly from the coals gives your food those desired bar marks and true authentic barbecue flavour. Directly over the flame


Indirect grilling
Now see all the real advantages of having a MONOLITH over any other piece of cooking equipment. By placing the Deflector Stone over the hot coals you shield the direct heat away from your food creating a perfectly controllable convection oven. Roast, bake or braise anything from whole fish and roasting joints to cakes and casseroles. Indirect cooking is away from the flame protected by a Deflector Stone or flat plate

Pizza ovens
With a MONOLITH there is no need to invest in a separate pizza oven, now you can easily make authentic Italian thin crust pizzas or even American deep pan pizzas to impress your friends and family. With MONOLITH you can easily raise the temperatures to 400°C and cook the perfect pizza in minutes. This setup is also perfect for flat breads


JUST Announced 6TH April #BBQcookingdemo

10 months ago 162 Views 1 comment

Just Announce



Love BBQ food but want to take the next step come along and see us cooking on a range of different BBQS showcasing different methods of cooking to create a great feast of amazing food samples

6th April 2019 10am - 3pm Smoke Box BBQ Live Cooking Demo:

Units 1-3 328 Hobs Moat Road Solihull B92 8JT - 5 Mins from Birmingham Airport.

We have a passion for all things BBQ and we like to get like minded people down to chat, share recipes and learn new bbq skills and methods to creating the perfect BBQ Feast. So if you love to BBQ pop on down on the 6th April where we have a range of bbq demos happening and some amazing accessories bringing technology to your BBQ to create great results every time.

On the 6th April at the BBQ Store Solihull we will be holding our first BBQ cooking demo of the year, Free to attend and great way to see just what you can do on a BBQ. #SAYNO to burgersandsausages lets push the boundaries we will be featuring #longandslow cooking, Pizzas hot and fast and lots of different veg, meat and fish cooked in different ways so you can see just how easy it is to cook up amazing food using technology to really create consistent results every time.

#PitBoss Temperature control units will be using on the #primogrill which allows you to control your bbq temperature through your phone. #BisonBBQStarter #Primoceramicgrills #traegerwoodpelletsmoker #angusandoinkrubs

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